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Who Is RevCaribbean

We're a brand devoted to telling stories & showcasing Caribbean culture on a global scale.

  • Raising The Bar
    We've set high expectations and high standards on how we produce content.
  • Delivering Quality
    Quality is our biggest priority here at RevCaribbean. We're devoted to delivering quality content.
  • Being Committed
    We're committed to working hard and giving our 110% on every project we produce.

On a mission to tell the stories
of Caribbean influencers worldwide.

Everyone has a story to tell and we want to tell it.

With Social Media being a big part of our everyday lives. Caribbean culture is becoming more and more popularized in the mainstream media. Dancehall, Soca, Kompa, Reggae and many other Caribbean genres are making its way on to the mainstream radio stations and many mainstream artist are beginning to incorporate caribbean melodies into their music.

With Caribbean culture, lifestyle and art forms being popularized many West Indians are becoming overnight celebrities and even becoming major influencers. We became aware of this and decided to set out on a journey to tell the stories of these amazing people and showcase Caribbean culture all over the world through the art of storytelling.

How We Structure our Work

Our Process

  • Pre-Interview Process

    The Pre-Interview process consist of a basic face-to-face meeting or phone call where we get to know the talent. This is an opportunity for us to gather information on the talent that would help us structure our questionnaire to help tell a compelling story.

  • Interview Process

    After the first Pre-Interview we then schedule a date to conduct the real interview. The interview will consist of questions based around the information our talent conveyed to us during the Pre-Interview stage.

  • Filming Talent

    Filming our talent is a key component in the success of a well thought out, planned and compelling visual story. Every scene needs to convey the story visually that our talent is sharing with our audience.

  • Release Content

    After we've completed all the filming we then after piece the story together. Send the final project to our talent to review. Once we receive the final okay. We release the segment on our platform for our audience to enjoy.

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We're Not Just a Media Brand


It's true we're a media company whom sole purpose is to showcase Caribbean culture and the people who influence's it. But we also provide media services to those who want a higher quality product at a higher standard.

  • Video Production

    We provide live performance coverage, music video production, video editing services and documentary production at competitive pricing.

  • Web Development

    We development simple and modern websites using trending front-end design and intuitive UX-UI. We have over 13+ years of exp. under our belt. OH! this website, we built it :)

  • Online Marketing & Branding

    With over 7 years of exp. we've built comprehensive sales funnels as well as mastered the art of persuasive selling. Let us help you build an online presences.

  • We Don't Like To Brag But


    Over the few years we've built up a CLIENTELE of powerhouse brands from all major industries. Whether we're contracting or conducting in house Business-to-Businesss services. Our clientele know, like and trust us.

    Why You Should Support Us


    If you haven't noticed it already there is a HUGH gap in the marketplace for qaulity Caribbean media. We're aware that not many people from the islands appreciate good media. We're hoping to change that by giving back to the culture with a brand that recognizes great talent, can tell compelling stories and bringing something fresh and new to the Caribbean media space.

    We're Currently Opperating In 7 Countries

    Building a global presences is one of our top goals with the RevCaribbean brand. We're already off to a good start.

    • United States
    • United Kingdom
    • Trinidad & Tobago
    • France
    • The Netherlands
    • Grenada
    • Nigeria

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